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Part 1: Setting Up Your Blog

Blogging is a money making supply of income and blogs are smooth to install and maintain. Imagine an existence in which you're paid to write down stuff that hobbies you, on every occasion you want, anywhere you're. The mere flexibility of running a blog makes it smooth and allows you to simply kick back, loosen up and move on a holiday on every occasion you experience it

In this article, we're going to check out the profitability of a weblog and install a weblog of our personnel at no cost! Interested? Read on!

First, we want to gain a weblog. There are numerous alternatives – host a blog to your personal area or get an unfastened weblog. For starters, let’s communicate approximately the unfastened blogs. You can gain an unfastened weblog at or the newer (and higher!) If you're a techie, you have to have heard of Wordpress, an unfastened weblog engine that is strong and infinitely expandable. is truly owned through Google, so it'll be detected on Google’s radar quicker and you may be listed quicker., however, is an especially new alternative so I don't have any assessment on the velocity of having listed through seek engines. However, Wordpress is higher withinside the experience that it has greater superior functions inclusive of Trackbacks and Categories. You also can manipulate your sidebar hyperlinks greater efficiently (greater approximately this later). 

Get an unfastened weblog at both ( or Wordpress ( Then, get yourself up to speed through posting your first publish to your weblog and tinkering around with the alternatives and templates. 

Here are some common “weblog-related” phrases that will help you out:

1) Permalink – Permalink stands for everlasting link, that's a URL (uniform useful resource locator) that ends in a person publish which you make to your weblog

2) Trackback – When you publish approximately a person else’s weblog elsewhere, your publish will display up in their “trackback” section. This feature, however, isn't always to be had with a account. 

3) Pinging – Blogging appears to be paired with pinging nearly each time both one is cited nowadays. Pinging is truly the motion in which a sure aggregator is notified on every occasion your weblog is updated, in order that the aggregator may also display the most up-to-date publish of your weblog on their website. This is a beneficial manner to gaining traffic, which we will talk about later

For now, I shall go away checking out your new weblog and the functions that come blanketed with it. In the subsequent articles, we will talk about the numerous methods we will use to make the most of a weblog, in addition to hints on a way to write posts that keep site visitors glued and hold coming returns for greater!